Payments to School

Direct Payments

We are always looking for new ways to make things a little easier for parents. As a result, we have introduced School Gateway as a means to make payments for dinner money directly to school via the internet and phone app.  We hope to shortly include the option for school trip payments.


 to see the detailed instructions of how to set up the payments.  Once this is done. you will be able to make payments directly using School Gateway – which works much like paypal.

Please be aware, whichever email address you are using to set this up, we will need to have that email address on file at school.  Please complete and return the slip to school.

Should you require any further information, please contact Mrs Winwood.

Payments by Cash/Cheque

We will continue to accept cash and cheques.  Please ensure that any cash sent to school is in a named envelope or purse, and clearly states the purpose of the payment.

For example, an envelope containing dinner money should state on the envelope Dinner Money, child’s name and class.  Without this information, it is difficult to trace who has made the payment.